Monday, February 26, 2007

Pathway by flowers

This is one of my favorite flower shots. I particularly like this one because it's shot so close to the ground that you get the feel of walking on the path. I also really like the spectrum of colors in this photo. While the focus on the reddish orange flowers is in the middle, there's great flow from the yellow ones in the foreground, all the way to the two shades of purple in the background.

photography nature flower

I took this picture at the Acton Arboretum in Massachusetts using an old little 49 mm lens at a close focus. More specifically at the flower and insect garden. You can't see any in this picture, but this garden is absolutely alive with insects, primarily different types of bees and butterflies.

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Anonymous said...

....."you get the feel of walking on the path." So true, John! I love it, esp. on this wintry day of rain and sleet - This photo makes me yearn for the warmer days ahead and those marvelous walks among the flowers in the Arboretum.....We need photos like this on days like this - thank you!